Gender Justice

Victims or Fighters: The Real Feminists

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  1. Saumya Singh says:

    Wow !! This article is truly a vivid expression of true essence of women empowerment and a fierce comment on the confused notion of the same in the society. Those unseen faces and unheard voices who could not make to the dias of any fancy function or social gathering are the real spirit and soul of the world we live in. A great read with a greater impact.

  2. Atul Kotagal says:

    What you say here about the women who fight inequality on a daily basis, be it as daily wage labourers in shops/factories/farms etc, is true! They are, I feel, the undercurrent of our economy. That undercurrent which never gets acknowledgement. The bias of our media engenders and furthers the biases existing in our society as even educated people like us are unable to understand the value or uniqueness of each human being. Kudos to you

  3. Opinion Matters says:

    Thank you for the writing up. Really appreciate this.

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