Indian Philosophy in Practice: Not Mumbo-Jumbo!

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  1. Thinker says:

    Good article . I personally feel., the hymns and prayers are important because , personally whenever i sing them, i get a sense of power. of course its my mind which is conjuring it., but i do get the confidence that, since i have prayed enough, my day will be good. Also while singing, we concentrate.
    Also , in today’s world., as your grandmother rightly said., self introspection is very necessary. We know everything in our world except our mind. its good to spend an hour in utter solitude just thinking and wondering.
    One of the best and true to the heart articles .

    1. Aishwarya Aishwarya Ananthkumar says:

      @ thinker, I completely agree with your point on concentration. Praying does increase ones ability to focus. This definetly helps in self actualization. Also please see the video I have attached its quite good .

  2. Deeps says:

    Nice article….. even I am on the same lines as the writer in understanding about the Indian scriptures. One thing which I found out in analyzing/learning them today is that we have scarcity of spiritual teachers who will teach us exactly what is in scriptures, which is in Sanskrit, since Sanskrit is known only to a handful of scholars. Today they(scriptures) have undergone some modifications to suit present times.
    And regarding morning prayer when we wake up, it not only increases our concentration but also refreshes our mind and will give a start to successful day. Similarly if we start a day by doing good things, it can be anything, then we will have sense of satisfaction and our day would cherish.
    As said in the article one should spend sometime daily in introspection for self realization. Self introspection is the best way not only to realize our mistakes but also to correct them.

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