Role of law in ‘rule of law’ and ‘Constitutionalism’

in order to re-affirm faith in constitutionalism, this year, law day was re-christened as Constitution Day. Constitution is a document, which dictates the past, defines the present and shapes the future of the country. It’s the religion of the state. All the entities under the polity are defined and derive their validity from the Constitution. In a constitutional democracy, constitutionalism is the only way of life, and there exists no life beyond or above it. Constitution Read more…

By Trijeeb Nanda, ago

City of Djinns or City of Smoke ?

While I walked the streets of Delhi on the smoky night of Diwali, I rediscovered India. That part of the country of which I am not very proud of. While the toxins rushed through my veins, I struggled to breath. People jumped on the streets with their rockets and new variety crackers. Plunging and flashing.  My fellow aspirants took this as an opportunity to vent their frustration. The streets were dimly lit with colourful lights Read more…

By Manisha Awhale, ago
Law and Development

Seizing the Demographic Dividend: The Education Way

How should one respond to the increasing number of people on our planet? Specifically in our country! A question that has haunted us for decades after independence, creating complex societies with innumerable problems, a vicious cycle that has trapped our development for generations. We have constantly nagged about its perils. For a change let us try seeing the positive side of it. Governments today call it demographic dividend which tells us about how population is distributed Read more…

By Manisha Awhale, ago
Law and Development

RIGHT TO PRIVACY in a highly connected world…

The recent judgement by the Indian Supreme Court about the use of Aadhar may seem to be a victory for the establishment and for the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India ) in particular. The Supreme Court which ruled not too long ago that Aadhar cannot be made compulsory because it does not handle biometric information securely seems to be taking a different view. If the argument is that the scheme is still voluntary and the Read more…

By Sudhanshu Killedar, ago

A Vegetarian’s Take on Meat Ban

Once upon a time there a lived an Emperor who ruled a vast stretch of territory of the great Ganges. One day on of his ministers advised him why doesn’t he consider making this great territory a land of Dar al-Islam? Wipe out all those who do not wish to embrace Islam! To this the Emperor replied “Only a foolish ruler in India would dare such a thing.” No wonder the Great Mughals ruled this Read more…

By Manisha Awhale, ago
Word of the day

BAIL guarantee or surety grant by a person with the aim to support or aid another person in trouble.

From latin “baiulare ” = to bring over own shoulders. In figurative sense, is the assumption of a duty , of a load of another person.

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