Have we forgotten how to strike a balance? The Story of Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos islands are a small cluster of islands situated 100 miles from Ecuador in the Pacific ocean.These islands are most known for the birth of a theory of evolution that revolutionised the way people look at origin of life throughout the world. It was first theorised by Charles Darwin in his book ‘Origin of species’ in 1835. The book explained how organisms evolved from other organisms. He also explains natural selection, where few organisms Read more…

By Vijeta, ago

Deconstructing the Patel Argument for Reservation

When I was in the first year of law school, one of my friends criticized reservations so starkly that it made me feel uncomfortable to have any further discussions with her on the topic of reservations, to such an extent that I blatantly accepted what she had to say about the issue altogether. Privileged as she was not only socially (belonging to an upper caste) but also economically. Her discontent and anger was on reservations Read more…

By Manisha Awhale, ago
Law and Development

Is ‘Fair Use’ of Copyrighted Work a thing of the past?

The right to fair use of an intellectual property is well-recognized in the copyright law worldwide, but this right of a common man granted by law is  to be threatened by the new regime of allowing technological copyright protection measures[i] in digital work. What is copyright?  by Serendip Studio Digital rights management (DRM) is a term which refers to various technologies that are used by software and hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders, and individuals with the intent to Read more…

By Divyesh Pratap, ago

Environmental Equity and why it is relevant in the present garbage debate

Garbage is an issue that municipal corporations across the country have suddenly woken up to. State governments have realized the sheer political damage that an issue, which only some years ago was considered trivial, can cause. Some States have already faced the brunt of the present inequitable national garbage disposal policy. Karnataka and Kerala have witnessed local but violent uprisings against reckless dumping of garbage by urban bodies in neighboring agricultural villages. Public health and sanitation have Read more…

By Aishwarya, ago
Gender Justice

RISE: A Comment on the Changing Position of Women in our  Patriarchal Society

 “Women should be seen and not heard” – A recent Facebook post Patriarchy by definition is a social system in which the head of the family is the eldest male. Patriarchal system dates back to thousands of years. A time when physical strength was of utmost importance, and men being relatively physically stronger, began to lead their clan and their immediate families. This is how the concept of male domination came into existence. Tactfully and Read more…

By Apoorva Bapat, ago
International affairs

Libya: Relevance of International Humanitarian Law

Libya is situated in North Africa, and is surrounded by Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia. The Capital is in the city of Tripoli, which is also the largest city in Libya. Libya gained independence in 1951 from Italy. King Idris led the movement and after Independence, he was declared as the ‘Head of State’ of Libya, a Constitutional and Heredity Monarchy. In 1969, a small group of military officers led by Muammar Gaddafi staged Read more…

By Surabhi Chatterjee, ago
International affairs

Pros and Cons of India Signing the 1951 Refugee Convention

INTRODUCTION The western world post second world war agreed to a convention wherein member states were required to follow some minimal standards with regard to their treatment towards refugees. The Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951 (“Convention”) was thus born. It established minimal rights for refugees and asylum seekers. The Convention attempted to resolve the problems of the past and at the same time also reflected on the hesitancy of the nation states to be Read more…

By Aishwarya, ago
Commerce and Economy

Mediation Vs. Conciliation: Resolving disputes

Introduction It is human tendency to be embroiled in disputes and conflicts but it is also equally human to seek resolution and peace of mind. While acknowledging the natural human propensity for conflicts and disputes, it is necessary to seek effective ways to resolve the multitude of disputes and conflicts that seem to crop out every day.  William Ury, a renowned mediator,  after narrating his famous 17 camel story observed that all disputes always start Read more…

By Aishwarya, ago
Word of the day

BAIL guarantee or surety grant by a person with the aim to support or aid another person in trouble.

From latin “baiulare ” = to bring over own shoulders. In figurative sense, is the assumption of a duty , of a load of another person.

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