A Vegetarian’s Take on Meat Ban

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  1. Divyesh says:

    I appreciate the write up, mainly the starting example which depicts plurality of Indian culture. I also agree with you in context of promoting vegetarianism . The write up is truly thought provoking.

  2. Sai Prashanth says:

    Beautifully written. The politicians cannot hide behind the constitutional veil to commit such atrocities.

  3. a crtique says:

    i agree with everything said in the article. But the truth is that the meat ban of 2 days was imposed in Mumbai way back in the 1960’s. And really I think a two day meat ban is nothing to make so much hue and cry about. this is just politics all the way all right.

    also sorry to say this but to call the mughals secular is a bit much. we all know that during the reign of mughals non – muslim traders were imposed more taxes, the haj was made practically free. a victory over any territory meant that the main temple of that territory would be defaced. Oh yes but we should be happy that they did not wipe out all the non-muslims.

    Also please don’t get me wrong I am against the ban which was (lets get the facts right) imposed by an earlier government but to ask the NDA government to emulate the Mughals specifically Akbar is I think a bit much.

  4. A true human says:

    Having meat is a choice . So is keeping slaves. But the animals and slaves don’t agree. And i don’t agree too.

  5. Omkar says:

    India, our country is an land of diversity. We have the right to choose our religion and our way of life, as long it does not clash with the rules and the tenets of law. If we wish to cause our choices to be respected, we need to respect the choices made by our fellow men. However, if the choice is imposed on us, then we have every right to oppose it, but resorting to violence and other non form behavior is not the right way for this, for it will only benefit the vested parties in the society who will use this as an catalyst for achieving their objectives in life.

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