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RIGHT TO PRIVACY in a highly connected world…

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  1. manisha says:

    I quite rightly agree with your viewpoint. You have raised significant questions regarding policy making, whether discussions should happen on the public fora and whether or not the court is the right place to decide this question. UID came with so much pompous and was readily accepted by our systems though such questions were rightly raised at those time too but how effectively they have been answered is doubtful. The massive investment done by the government in the scheme is evident of how much importance it attaches to it. while dismissing it altogether will completely make it futile further will burden our economy. what could be done is coming up with appropriate rules and regulations to safeguard information. Discussions will play an important role as it will point out effectively what sort measure could be taken for safeguarding the same. well i think Supreme Court seems to be better place to discuss this issue as it basically concerns our fundamental right further adding legitimacy to the discussion. this could be a step in the right direction.

  2. Deeps says:

    The main problem with Indian policy makers is that, when people elect them, they think that what ever they do, is good for people.
    Policies like these should be discussed well with the public before making them law. As Angus Deaton, who won Nobel Prize in economics this year had said, without involving public in making policy decisions most of the policies will not meet the set goals.
    Even though the idea of giving unique identity to every resident of this country was indeed a good idea, but it has been used for political gains. The same UID can be issued to everyone without collecting the bio metrics. Thus by reducing burden on the government to maintain the data and also allay the fears in the minds of public that their identity would be at state.

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